KLE3 Updates

We are always looking for ways to further improve existing features. This may be as simple as aesthetic improvements, to making workflows more powerful/flexible, or adding new fields/functions to existing modules/screens.

Currently the team are working on;

  • making various enhacements to our Marketplace module and eCommerce modules,
  • Enhancing customer Landing Pages and Registration processes
  • Enhancing inbound Landing page tracking (Marketing module)
  • Ability to search SRT (Captioning) files for your Video library
  • Additional Question Types for our existing KLE Assessment engine
  • Ability for Admins to move (drag and drop) dashboard widgets around
  • General Aesthetic and iconography improvements throughout KLE framework
  • Convert the KLE User Guide into searchable videos (screen simulations)
  • Ability to bookmark/save place in an MP4 video (non elearning/scorm videos)
  • Enhance the existing KLE NOTES feature throughout the Lab (more places/options, additional functionality)
  • Enhance the existing 1-1 and 1-many communication tools within KLE3 (more options)


Kontent labs are always looking for what we can do to ensure KLE remains YOUR choice for Community Management.

We are in regular contact with our LAB Administrators, and based on their wish list and ideas, we investigate what we can do to add these features to KLE.

MANY of the new Features we are working on will become automatic inclusions for existing KLE licencee holders. Some will become opt-in (optional add-on licenses) to existing KLE licenses.

Some of the NEW features we are working on include:

  • Providing an OPEN API service for connection to 3rd Party Platforms
  • Social Media Integrations (push/pull Facebook feeds/posts), login via Google or Facebook
  • Classroom Management (offline classes - to enhance current Events Management Module)
  • Version Control of shared documents (Resource Library Module)
  • AI self-support widget (for Level 1 - your members) access
  • Full Dynamic Report Builder Module (to allow Admins to configure and make their own custom reports).