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Kommunity Labs Engine (KLE)

KLE is a fully managed modular software platform to provide trusted Organisations & Associations the ability to manage their  Community of Practice and associated learning resources without any programming experience.  We love local industry experts that want to engage with their community.  We are 100% Australian owned and operated.

Whilst Community Management is at the core of KLE, it also includes Learning Management System (LMS) functionality, Events Management,  eCommerce, marketplace, secure chat and marketing insights.

Operating under your own brand, no two KLE Labs are the same.  You have full control.

KLE is available in three configurations; dependant on your initial focus   KLE Community, KLE Learning and KLE Marketplace .

Modules and features can be added or removed as per YOUR requirements.

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KLE Core features

ALL KLE instances include a range of default/included modules/features.

Included Modules/Features listed below. Scroll below to understand the three main varieties of KLE.

  • Custom Landing Page

    You will have your own Landing page and URL for member login. It will include your logo and you can edit the text/images on the page.

  • Customised, branded Dashboard

    We will setup your default Dashboard, move/hide widgets/menus as required.

  • Unlimited Forums

    Your members can create and comment on Public and Private Forums/Discussions.

  • Resource Library

    Administrators can create and manage a vast Resource Library, available to Public or Private audiences.

  • Events Management

    Create public or invite-only events, manage capacity, RSVPs and overfills.

  • Learning Pathways

    You can create learning streams incorporating ANY asset type as well as include KLE core modules (forums/events/resources etc).

  • Unlimited Groups

    Segment your members based on role, organisation, division or other. Unlimited Group capability.

  • Administration, Analytics & Reporting

    Everything you need to setup and manage your Community.

Out of the Box KLE solutions

You can start with one of the following three KLE configurations

You can add any additional module or feature to your Lab on-demand, anytime.

KLE Community

Community of Practice (CoP)

  • 10GB Storage Space
  • 2,000 Active Members
  • Unlimited Groups
  • Learning Pathways
  • Engagement Badges
  • Admin Reports & Analytics

KLE Learning

CoP & Learning Management System

  • 20GB Storage Space
  • 2,000 Active Members
  • SCORM learning Player
  • KLE Assessment Engine
  • Completion Reports
  • Certificate of Completion

KLE Marketplace

CoP & Commercialise your content

  • 20GB Storage Space
  • 2,000 Active Members
  • Stripe eCommerce module
  • Credits system to purchase your library assets
  • Transaction reporting/Receipts
  • Up/cross sell Ads
Available KLE Modules

You can enable/disable or add-on any of the following available KLE Modules (for any of the three KLE configuations)

We modularise our framework, so you dont pay for what you dont need. If you ever need additional capability, its simple to turn on a new module within your existing Lab.

Annual module-license-fees apply.


Landing Page Registration

We can create a custom landing page for you, including a more comprehensive registration form, and associated workflows.


Ecommerce module

You can sell access to your Lab, or sell subscriptions to your content by turning our eCommerce module ON.


Assessment Engine

Create your own formal Assessments/Quizzes with our Assessment engine.


Additional Portals

You can turn on up to five completely seperate and different portals within KLE. Members (if a member of multiple) can single-click between the portals.


Additional Members

If 2,000 Active members is not enough, you can purchase additional Member licenses anytime


APIs (connect to 3rd party applications)

Need Single Sign On (SSO)? Need to send or receive data from your existing platforms (e.g. HRIS)? No problem. Speak with us to learn how.


Custom Services

KLE is fully customisable. Most of our clients have some form of customisation on their platform. It may be as simple as creating a custom Registration Form on their landing page, and based on entered information, placing members into specific default Groups.

Another example, is where a client who offers formal learning within the their platform, wanting to add custom elements and workflows to their program.

It may be a completely NEW module you need to integrate into your Lab (example, wanting to replace an unnecessary 3rd party platform you are currently paying for).

You may wish to integrate Zoom or Teams inside your lab to save you time managing webinars.

Whatever your organisation needs, Kontent Labs can accomodate. Let's connect and let us show you how...

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