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We help trusted experts and membership organisations deliver, aggregate and commercialise learning to their communities with a “no code” platform under your designated brand.

Nearly 90% of adult learning is “informal” with your community of trusted peers and mentors. With KLE you can now engage and support this community at scale integrated or standalone, with your existing learning or membership platforms.

KLE is modular and when combined with our strategy framework, we are system ready in 48 hours, aim to start ROI in 90 days or less with 10X return on any capital within the first year.

Scaleable, Repeatable, Trusted


Discussion Forums

Unlimited Public and Private (Group) Forums & Discussions

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Deploy any asset/resource

Upload, share and track any digital format (PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, Videos, Audio, SCORM) and much more...

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Formal & Informal learning

KLE Learning pathways provide students access to traditional SCORM learning and ANY asset type which can be played on any device.

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Events Management

Public or Invite only Events with RSVP, Maximum capacity, auto enrol into next event (if full) and much more...

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Commercialise your content

Built in eCommerce (Stripe) module to easily provide subscription services to your members for access or specific packages.

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Deep Analytics & Reporting

Track engagement, access, views, likes, comments and heaps more. Report by Cohort (Group) or global. Export results to Excel.

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Inbound Marketing Stats

Track where and how people find your Lab. What percentage of members converted to subscriptions? etc

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Branded for YOU

Add your own organisation Logo and color scheme. Add your own custom page Banners, and much more.

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100% Customisable

We can create ANY custom workflow, screen or module/feature to fit your neeeds. All integrated to work harmoniously within the KLE framework.

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Getting Started

Your Lab up & running within 72 hours

Your generic branded Lab will be up and running within 3 business days!

process shape

Contracting stage

Needs analysis followed up by Statment of Work (SoW) and invoicing.

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Scoping session

For any required customisations, we will sit down and go through detailed workflow discussions, document/scope and prepare SoW.

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Deployment of Generic branded Lab

Your Lab will be operational within 72 hours of contracting. You can login and begin training and uploading etc.


Admin training provided

You are provided with a detailed User Guide document, however we will work with you to help you navigate your way through your Lab.

KLE Core features

Out of the box you will be able to access everything you need to start your community.

No two labs are the same. No two clients have the same requirements. KLE is fully customisable.

Discussion Forums

Informal & Formal Learning

Event Management

Resource Libraries

Public & Private groups

Ecommerce options

Platform security

Platform Security

Our servers are based in Sydney, Australia. Your data will never leave Australian shores, or be provided to 3rd party platforms, or Marketing companies.

By default, we only capture your members Name and Email address. We do not store private information (Address, Phone, Credit card etc) on your members.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA) can be turned on anytime to provide additional security for your members. By default we use EMAIL Authentication for 2FA, however we do have SMS Authentication available (however, we'd need to store your members' mobile numbers for this).

All KLE members passwords are encrypted. We (Kontent Labs technical team) cannot read any password. However, whilst the system provides "Passw...
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Case Studies

Here are a few examples of real KLE customers

Every client has different requirements. KLE3 can be customised to meet your every demand.

  • All
  • Multi-site
  • Formal Learning
  • Marketplace

Dementia Australia Learning Hub

Dementia Australia (DA) is Australia's premier provider of Dementia advocacy services and support. 

DA Learning joined the KLE Community in 2019 to provide their staff a platform in which to collaborate and engage with one another. Soon after they invited their customers (Carers and professionals within the Dementia Industry).

Late 2019, Kontent Labs ...
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Good Manufacturing Practice

The GMP uplift program is delivering formal best practice hybrid manufacturing training focusing on Medical, Bio & Pharma technology. This program is managed by a consortium headed by ARCS Australia and CBE (Centre for Biopharmaceutical Excellence). The program is part of MTPConnect's $32 million Research Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) funded by the Medical Research Future
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BioMelbourne Network Marketplace

As the premier association for the BioMedical Industry, BioMelbourne Network is tasked with developing and supporting best practice industry information to support export opportunities for local suppliers, but also highlight Melbourne/Victoria as destination of choice for global operators. 

BioMelboourne Network maintains one of the most active events and information session organisa
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What Our Client’s Say

We work closely with our valued clients, and deliberately only onboard max 2 new clients/labs per month. This way, we can gaurantee Priority 1 service to ALL our clients.

Kontent Labs Is Trusted By

Dementia Australia Bio Melbourne GMP Uplift ARCS Australia AHA
Royal Melbourne Hospital Maxoniq Corporate Culcha Civil Contractors Federation Sydney Masters Hockey
Center for U Alfred Health AMA Eastern Health Western Health
Monash Health RMIT University Ward Medicaal Management Workforce Gender Euqality Agency Doctors Portal

Recent Blogs

What makes a community (4+1+1 steps)

Communities and Community of Practice is both Science & Art.

In our expert interview series I had the opportunity to interview one of the worlds leading experts and authors in the space UK based Richard Millington from Feverbee.

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Platform Security

Our servers are based in Sydney, Australia. Your data will never leave Australian shores, or be provided to 3rd party platforms, or Marketing companies.

By default, we only capture your members Name and Email address. We do not stor...
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Commericalising your Platform

Want to built engagement for your community that adds to your bottom line?

Want to look at new revenues that support growth in 90 days or less?

Want to plan for 10X return on any capital employed for systems and frameworks?

Want ...
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